CCTransitionCrossFade bug

CCTransitionCrossFade bug
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I have two similar scenes with same background picture. I want to be able to crossfade between them with CCTransitionCrossFade but once the animation starts it looks like scene is jumping one pixel to the left and when animation ends it jumps back one pixel to the right. Did anyone have this problem before?

I just noticed that the problem exists when I have setContentScaleFactor != 1.0 (in my case on iphone 3gs when I’m scalling down the scene 2 times). On retina devices where i have setContentScaleFactor = 1.0 it works fine but I have no idea how to fix this for lower resolutions.


In case someone needs this the solution that worked for me was to set antialiasing for crossfade render textures. In CCTransitionCrossFade::onEnter() add inTexture->getSprite()->getTexture()>setAntiAliasTexParameters; and outTexture>getSprite()->getTexture()->setAntiAliasTexParameters();