CCTMXTiledMap Error on Windows Phone 8

CCTMXTiledMap Error on Windows Phone 8
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Hi, guys
I tried putting this into the code but no success
CCTMXTiledMap* map = CCTMXTiledMap::tiledMapWithTMXFile(“TileMaps/orthogonal-test2.tmx”);

I have the following error:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “public: static class cocos2d::CCTMXTiledMap * __cdecl cocos2d::CCTMXTiledMap::tiledMapWithTMXFile(char const *)”

Can someone offer me a solution? Thank you.


Same link error here for wp8!

Need to get “tiledMapWithTMXFile” working.

Can someone please help.



This error happens because missing CPP files for tile map. To solve this, add all files in the folder “cocos2dx/tileMap_parallax_nodes” into current project.