CCTexture2DMutable Problems

CCTexture2DMutable Problems
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Hey guys, after hours of trying to solve this problem, I have given up and have come to you for help, im trying to implement CCTexture2DMutable to get pixel data for collision, unfortunately I am getting too many problems and I have given up for the day.

This is what im doing now, im casting a CCTexture2D and then call pixelAt, Problem is get an unhandled Exception just outside of the CCTexture2d COnstructor as I try to run the line pixelAt
Please help, Heres the code.

@ CCTexture2DMutable *Texture = new CCTexture2DMutable();
//pCharacter is a CCSprite
Texture = (CCTexture2DMutable*)pCharacter~~>getTexture;
ccColor4B color2 = Texture~~>pixelAt(CCPoint(64,64));@