CCSpriteBatchNode::batchNodeWithFile is deprecated



CCSpriteBatchNode::batchNodeWithFile gives me a warning in XCode saying that this method is deprecated. But it gives no details and does not explain which method I should use now to instantiate a spritesheet. And I found nothing regarding this in the documentation. Please help.

Thanks, Konstantin


you just need to go to the tests projects, look at the sprites folder, you have tons of exampls there :slight_smile:


thanks. that helped. I ended up using CCSpriteBatchNode::create method.


great :)
in cocos 2.0 they have changed all the constructors. all them are create or createSomething.
so if you see any tutorial keep that in mind :

and I keep the tests project opened most of the time, it includes help on almost anything you need. and feel free to visit my blog :~~P

welcome to cocos2d-x :~~)