CCSprite runAction do nothing , how can i verify if an action is running?

CCSprite runAction do nothing , how can i verify if an action is running?
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i have simple CCSprite extended class inside i have simple function that suppose to make simple moving animation
the function looks like this :

void MAGem::highlightGem()
   //Build a simple repeating "wobbly" animation
    CCMoveBy *moveUp = CCMoveBy::create(0.5f,ccp(0,5));
    CCMoveBy *moveDown = CCMoveBy::create(0.5f,ccp(0,-5));
    CCSequence *moveAround = CCSequence::create(moveUp,moveDown,NULL);
    CCRepeatForever *gemHop = CCRepeatForever::create(moveAround);
    CCAction *action = runAction(gemHop);
    if(action == NULL)
        CCLOG("action is null!");

this is the header

class MAGem :public CCSprite ,public CCTargetedTouchDelegate 
        bool isGemSameAs(MAGem* otherGem);
        bool isGemInSameRow(MAGem* otherGem);
        bool isGemInSameColumn(MAGem* otherGem);
        bool isGemBeside(MAGem* otherGem);
        void highlightGem();
        void stopHighlightGem();
        CCRect rect();
        bool containsTouchLocation(CCTouch* touch);


the function do called and all the action including the runAction function do run and not returning null poiters …
but no animation is seen the CCSprite doesn’t move at all.
what im doing wrong here ?
how can i verify if an action is running?


Nothing is popping out to me as obviously wrong (I’m assuming the sprite itself shows up on screen).

If you aren’t leveraging any other actions, you can put a breakpoint in in CCRepeatForever’s update function to see if it ever hits.


You could use numberOfRunningActions()


well i set break point in :
void CCMoveTo::update(float time)
void CCRepeat::update(float dt)
there never get hit

also the numberOfRunningActions() is always 1