CCScrollView with CCMenu priority

CCScrollView with CCMenu priority
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I create a scrollview, need menuitem to response events. After added this operations, i found when i scroll above menuitem, the scrollview doesn’t scroll, and scroll other district except menuitem area, it works ok.
I override CCMenu like this:
class MyMenu: public CCMenu

virtual void registerWithTouchDispatcher()
CCDirector* pDirector = CCDirector::sharedDirector();
CCMenuItemImage *item1 = CCMenuItemImage::create);
CCMenu *menu = MyMenu::create;
menu~~>setPosition(ccp(visibleSize.width * (i + 0.5f), visibleSize.height / 2));

When i add break point in MyMenu::registerWithTouchDispatcher()
the break point doesnot steps in.

How can i scroll above menuitem?

how to Expand CCMeunItem to display both image and text?