CCScrollView still working in 2.0.3 ?

CCScrollView still working in 2.0.3 ?
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we had CCScrollView objets working in cocos2Dx 2.0.1 but they no longer work with 2.0.3.

objects are displayed correctly but they are no longer scrollable - has anyone experienced the same problem ?


Hey, could you provide a demo for reproducing this issue?
Could ExtensionTest/TableViewTest work?


thank for your quick support,

if you can provide a basic code sample for CCScrollView i can check if i initialise it correctly (for the moment i just call initWithViewSize() , it was good enough to enable scrolling in cocos2DX 2.0.1 but it seems to lack something else to scroll on 2.0.3).

i debugged in ccTouchMoved() in SSCrollView.cpp and i noticed the scrolling action made by setPosition() was cancelled by the setContentOffset().


try to call CCScrollView::updateInset() after create the CCScrollView and set container to it.


thank you

calling updateinset() after initwithviewsize() corrected the scrolling problem.

why is it not included in the initwithviewsize() ?