CCProgressTimer and setColor problem

CCProgressTimer and setColor problem
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Hi my friends,
i have one big issue. I am trying to change the color of a CCSprite that is managed by a CCProgressTimer . The problem comes when i try to execute setColor function.
It works perfect when the CCProgressTimer is less than 100. it set the colors like a charm. BUT when it arrives to 100 setColor doesn´t work.
Whats going on?

devolver->_sprite_progressbar=CCSprite::create("progreso_status.png"); devolver->_progressbar= CCProgressTimer::create(devolver->_sprite_progressbar); devolver->_progressbar->setType(kCCProgressTimerTypeBar); devolver-> _progressbar->setPercentage(devolver->_percentage); // (0 - 100) devolver-> _progressbar->setMidpoint(ccp(0,100)); devolver-> _progressbar->setBarChangeRate(ccp(0,1)); devolver->_progressbar->setScaleY(-1); devolver->_progressbar->setPosition(ccp(devolver->getContentSize().width/2,devolver->getContentSize().height/2));

WORKING CODE but only when _progressbar is less than 100

@devolver->_sprite_progressbar->setColor((ccColor3B) {62,233,9});@

Whats going on?Is there another way of setting the color of this sprite?I want to make it green when is 100


Nobody knows?


Please help i am desesperated….:frowning: