ccPointSize does not work

ccPointSize does not work
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i tried to draw a bold polygon (hexagon) using the code above. But the line is one pixel bold. In the funtion this comment //TODO :glPointSize( pointSize ); can be found. So is there a workaround?


void draw() { ccPointSize( 5 ); ccDrawColor4F(0.f, 1.f, 0.f, 1.f); CCPoint center; CCPoint vertices[6]; vertices[0]=CCPoint(center.x-m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nR, center.y+m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nS*0.5f); vertices[1]=CCPoint(center.x, center.y+m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nS*0.5f+m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nH); vertices[2]=CCPoint(center.x+m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nR, center.y+m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nS*0.5f); vertices[3]=CCPoint(center.x+m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nR, center.y-m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nS*0.5f); vertices[4]=CCPoint(center.x, center.y-m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nS*0.5f-m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nH); vertices[5]=CCPoint(center.x-m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nR, center.y-m_hexTileMapInfo.m_nS*0.5f); ccDrawPoly(vertices, 6, true); }


test showed, that ccPointSize works only with ccDrawPoint. Other’s not affected. So you should to make some function or kinda for it.