CCMoveTo work wrong when object move by other code.


In version cocos2d-2.1beta3-x-2.1.1.

Object move by CCMoveTo and other code simultaneously reuslt position is not What I pass to CCMoveTo.


Could you give an example?


Would you expect the object to move to the CCMoveTo position even if some other code moves the same object to another position?

Is this how CCMoveTo should work?

What happens when you supply the value for duration?
Originally it would work out that it needs to move at 10 per second (x and y) to get to the destination position.
You move the object somewhere else and now it would really meed to move at 20 per second (x and y) to get to the same destination.


Yes. It is Adam Reed.

My old code move object in function ccTouchesMoved and same time use CCMoveTo.
CCMoveTo use CCMoveBy::update() to update position. So I change CCMoveTo to old version.