CCLayerLoader bug

CCLayerLoader bug
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#define PROPERTY_TOUCH_ENABLED “isTouchEnabled” in file CCLayerLoader.cpp, but the the property string in ccbi file is touchEnabled.

cocosbuilder version 3.0 a2 and cocos2d-x 2.1.1

cocosbuilder version 3.0 a3 and cocos2d-x 2.1.2


I look inside the ccbi file in `WatermelonWithME`. In HUD.ccbi, it’s `isTouchEnabled`. So i think it’s correct.


What is your cocosbuilder version


publish by cocos3.0 a3


this is test cpp in sample


CocosBuilder v3.0-alpha2


Sorry, i used the lastest code on github.

James Chen wrote:

CocosBuilder v3.0-alpha2


Please test CocosBuilder v3.0-alpha2