CCLabelTTF - occasional black boxes onResume - textures lost?

CCLabelTTF - occasional black boxes onResume - textures lost?
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Hi All,

From time to time, if I exit my game on Android while text is being displayed with CCLabelTTF, then when I re-enter the game, the text is replaced with black boxes. I’m guessing the texture is getting lost. All other textures are fine though.

Any idea how to prevent this from occurring?

Black pictures after a playing time

I have the same.


Thanks for confirming Dawid.

After testing some more, I can reproduce the issue more frequently if I do the following:
# start game
# launch some activity (such as an interstitial ad)
# close that activity and return to game
# at this point, have CCLabelTTF display some text ==> here the text is just black boxes

At this point I think either the texture is being lost or it was never being created in the first place.
Anybody else come across this? Any ideas how to solve?



Went ahead and reported this as a bug here:


I found out the cause of and workaround for this issue. Updated the info here:


@Sheado i got the same , does it fixed?


I think you can refer this thread.