CCHttpClient Android HTTPS

CCHttpClient Android HTTPS
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I’m trying to use CCHttpClient for my game that has a backend / network calls requiring HTTPS.
I was wondering if anyone has been successful in building libcurl for Android with HTTPS support. I managed to recompile it for iOS fine, but Android has been a blocker.

It’d be great if someone had a SSL supporting libcurl.a for Android.



Have you added permissions on your app’s Manifest?


Thanks for the response. Yes I have:

In my permissions (along with other stuff). I currently have the Facebook SDK logging in via a native JNI call, so the Android side should be fine hitting HTTPS itself.
It’s just the cocos2dx side calling my HTTPS backend using CCHttpClient. It is returning a status code of –1 under Android, the same as it was with iOS until I rebuilt curl with SSL support (now 200).


I know this is an old post, but did you guys find a solution? I am facing the same issue, trying to build SSL support for iOS using this solution ( but now I need similar solution for Android. Thanks.