CCBReader reader version = 2, file version = 3

CCBReader reader version = 2, file version = 3
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Ok, I’ve searched forever for this answer and have played with many things. I’ve read the threads on here about CCBReader, but they never seem to resolve the issue. I can’t get a ccbi file to load because I get the incompatible version warning:

WARNING! Incompatible ccbi file version (file: 3 reader: 2)

Good news is that it is at least reading the file. I looked at the CCBReader code and it shows kCCBVersion 2. Which I believe is different from the CCB file version, which shows 3 in the ccb file. I am able to get the TestsDemo app to load and run just fine and I can do the CocosBuilderTest just fine. So I know it can load one. So I looked at that ccb file and it shows version 3 just like what I have.

So my next question does the file version in the ccb file have anything to do with the magic version tag in the ccbi file? We are using CocosBuilder 2.0 to publish to ccbi.

For those that are getting this to work, how are you doing it.? Here’s the code I’m using:

cocos2d::extension::CCNodeLoaderLibrary * ccNodeLoaderLibrary = cocos2d::extension::CCNodeLoaderLibrary::sharedCCNodeLoaderLibrary();
cocos2d::extension::CCBReader * ccbReader = new cocos2d::extension::CCBReader(ccNodeLoaderLibrary);
CCNode * node = ccbReader~~>readNodeGraphFromFile(“”, “test.ccbi”, this);
if (node != NULL) {

node is always NULL because of the version issue. This is on Win7, eclipse, android project. I have successfully completed the ninja tutorial, so my environment should be fine.

Is there a certain way that the scene needs to be created in CCB? All we have is a background and a couple sprites, that’s it.

Thanks for the help.


Ok, I printed the file version of the HelloCocosBuilder.ccbi and it is indeed version 2, so it seems the ccb file version doesn’t match the ccbi version. What version of CCB was used to publish the HelloCocosBuilder.ccbi file? Are there some options that need to be set in CCB?

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I have the same question; only I need to publish file version 4 to match my CCBReader.

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried upgrading the cocos2d-X library?.. or just upgrade the CCBReader in extensions.
I know for sure that
cocosbuilder2.1 works with cocos2d-x.2.0.4
cocosbuilder3.0 alpha works with cocos2d-x.2.1beta3


Ok; so I just got it figured out. Obvious fix in retrospect.

I downgraded my 2dx version to 2.0.4 and it works just fine so far.