CCArray addobject with NULL

CCArray addobject with NULL
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is there any possible that i can add null to CCArray? i check the CCArray source code, there is an assert line, that i can’t do that. but i want to create a container to hold my object inherits from CCObject, and in the init function, i want to create the container with some defalut value like null just for it possible?


in objetive-c(cocos2d) i can add object to an ccarray like this: [CCArray addObject:[NSNull null]]; how can i do that in cocos2d-x?


to add an empty ccobject is not a valid option for you?


thanks, i’m really not familiar with c++, can you show me how to create an empty ccobject?


Why don’t you create an empty CCArray?

CCArray* array = CCArray::create();

But my suggestion is you’d better use std::vector or std::map.


in fact i want to add a null object to a ccarray, but ccarray can’t do that


No, cocos2d-x does not allow adding NULL objects to it. you could create an Object that you would consider as “NULL”. Say, a CCNode object with a flag called isValidObject or something.


thanks a lot:)