cc.FileUtils::getFileData in jsbinding is complete ?

cc.FileUtils::getFileData in jsbinding is complete ?
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Sorry, my english is poor.

Now, I want to get the json file content in javascript, so I use the cc.FileUtils::getFileData function in jsbinding.
I found the export function:“js_cocos2dx_CCFileUtils_getFileData” through spidermonkey in the jsb_cocos2dx_auto.cpp,
but have some error. for example:

  1. The third arguments “arg2” as define “unsigned long* arg2” for return the file size,
    Should it not define as “unsigned long arg2” and pass through to the function “cobj~~>getFileData” call as “&arg2” ?

  2. I correct the error by step 1 and get the json file data succeed, it store in the “ret” variable, as the following code:
    unsigned char* ret = cobj~~>getFileData(arg0, arg1, arg2);
    jsval jsret;
    #pragma warning NO CONVERSION FROM NATIVE FOR unsigned char**;
    return JS_TRUE;
    Unfortunately it does not transfer the file data to the js layer, it transfer the uninitialized variable “jsret”.

So, the question is “cc.FileUtils” in jsbinding is complete ?
**Thanks for your hard work!*


It you want to get string from text file. You could use *cc.FileUtils.getInstance().getStringFromFile(filename)* instead.


@dumganhar but there is no getStringFromFile in JSB.

how to read byte file both in js and jsb?