Can't adjust sfx volume

Can't adjust sfx volume
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I found out that I can’t adjust volume for sfx to play on the fly for the situation that I play a lot of sfx. If I do that, volume being set won’t apply correctly ie. setting volume to low won’t play sfx in quite, but still the same, but inverse is not true.

I have to do this because of each sfx needs to be adjusted its volume individually, so this will allow me not to go back and re-export all the files with intended volume being played.
I tested this on iOS and used framework v.2.0.3.


My work around solution at the moment is to export sfx file with low gain (this includes the low range volume for me to use in the game). Whenever use in the game, I adjust the volume up.


Hey I solved the problem guys, volume adjustment via setEffectsVolume() should apply to all sfx publicly. But for individual, it should be done via “gain” property (ranging from 0.0f - 1.0f). I don’t have to re-export sfx for its low volume now, just export it normally and set gain with reasonable low enough value like 0.3f. Thank you!