Cannot use MP3 on Debug mode

Cannot use MP3 on Debug mode
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I’m trying to play a MP3 background music with SimpleAudioEngine::sharedEngine()>playBackgroundMusic
It works ok, but when I start the project in Debug mode it does not work.
When the code reaches this line:
mciError = mciSendCommand&mciOpen);
in the method void MciPlayer::Open in MciPlayer.cpp,
then the application closes.
It does not pass this line.
If I use a wav file instead of a mp3 it works.
Also if I start in Release mode it works with both
I am on Windows 7

You have any idea why it crashes on debug mode, when using an mp3?


I’m using VS2012 and don’t have any issues debugging when using mp3.
I have used 2010 in the past and didn’t have any issues on that either.

I can’t say why it’s not working for you, only that it works for me, sorry.