Cannot reply/reponse on issuse

Cannot reply/reponse on issuse
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Hi there,
We are tracking crash error on Samsung Galaxy S2 and after site moved to Amazon EC2 we cannot reply anymore on that issuse

Any idea?


Oh sorry, I close the permission because there’re too much spams.
What problem did you meet on Galaxy S2?


It crash my game on S2 when I use acceleration. But this topic fix my error, so I want to confirm and thanks that boy.
I think you should fix it auto on next version of cocos2dx. The acceleration error make game crash on most of Galaxy S2 I test. But after fix the like topic, it’s OK.
Thank you.


Ok, I have added this issue into next version.


sorry. But it isn’t simple. After more test, I find it still crash.
My game still crash on GalaxyS2. I think it because accelerometer. Sometime it crash on galaxy S1,too.
Hope you can solve it.