Cannot playEffect constantly!!!


I have wrapped a cocos2d-html5 app with phonegap ,running on an android mobile .

The MP3 can be played constantly three or four times,then the sound disappeared.

So I wrapped the MoonWarriors for testing,Got the same question!

Is this a bug ? How to solve the problem


it could be that under that environment, the audio engine can’t detect whether a sound has stopped playing.

right now we have set a maximun audio instance for each audio, the play back is recycled to use any instance that has stopped playing.

if the system cannot detect if an audio has finished playing, it will create a new instance, until the maximun number is reached

you can try to increase that number, if it takes into effect, then the problem is what i described

cc.AudioEngine = cc.Class.extend(/** @lends cc.AudioEngine# */{