Can we have callbacks upon call backs?


Hi , I am having five labels ,each of them should be moved from top to middle (, the y-pos is different for each one of them), Only after the first label has finished going to its place the second one moves. I have managed to do first two but the problem occurs when I have to move the third label.

*labelMove = cc.MoveTo.create;
*labelMove2 = cc.MoveTo.create(0.5,cc.p(this.*size.width/2,this.*size.height/2 - 25);
_labelMove3 = cc.MoveTo.create(0.5,cc.p(this.*size.width/2,this.*size.height/2 );

var callBack = cc.CallFunc.create(this.moveFinished,this);
var seq = cc.Sequence.create(this._labelMove,callBack);

moveFinished : function()


How can I move the third one after second one reached destination?


create a sequence for label 2, with the second action being the callback for the third label to move