Building on osx without Xcode

Building on osx without Xcode
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I was wondering how I can build a cocos2d-x project on my mac without Xcode.

Is this possible?

Any help much appreciated.


Why do you want to build on a mac without Xcode? Yes, it is possible however this will be much harder than just using XCode.


I’m not sure if using xcode command line works for you? Do you mean “without Xcode” or “without Xcode IDE”?


ok it works perfect with the command line… thanks


Would is be possible to build the cocos2d-x project with gcc (since the good support of c++11)? on windows / mac?



Do you have a sample of how to compile a cocos2dx project with a command line?

I need that, because compiling inside the IDE is taking ages to complete!




just navigate to your xcode project folder with the terminal and type `xcodebuild` thats all.

Of course you can add tons of options and parameters but it should work with all the default options.

But I still can manage to build a cocos2dx project with gcc under windows or mac :frowning:



with just ‘xcodebuild’ the build is the latest choosen in the IDE?

how do you build for distribution?


xcodebuild builds the project in the folder where you call cxodebuild. If you have more than one project in this folder you have to specify it with -project “projectname”.
For other build configurations (Debug/Release) you have to check the xcodebuild man page.