build_native is not executable by default

build_native is not executable by default
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Posting a message here so a bug can be created in the issue tracker.

When creating a new Android project the file is not executable by default and needs to be manually set as so.

It would be better if the file would already be executable by the current user.


Sorry, I guess I need to expand on this.

I have another activity that I call inside the main activity. If I’m using pure java code, this works fine, but when I do this with cocos2d-x it closes.

What I did is call a native function that initializes the call backs for my java function.
I have a java function that calls a new intent.

So pretty much that’s it, I almost always get app close here.



`clawoo, I see your pull request, add chmod is a good idea.

`Beejay Urzo, you must create a new topic to discuss this problem. And paste some codes would be helpful. I cannot adjudge the crash point by your words.


I had to explain why the permission of creating issue isn’t open to all users. (but you can update any existing issues, add your comments as you wish)
Just look at android issues, most people would like to create a new issue when they meet a problem, but many of the issues are causes by the wrong usage, or it’s a really bug but created duplicately. As the result, the bug list looks like a forum. So why we discuss it in the forum? And the benefit is reducing the time we trace the bugs / make the roadmap / write the changelog. :slight_smile: