build issues on Hybrid project

build issues on Hybrid project
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I’m trying to make an Hybrid project with cocos2dx 2.1.4.

The steps that I’ve followed were:
1- Create iOS project
2- Setup all Android paths, SDK, NDK
3- Create Android project from console with  ./
4- Build the new project with ./
5- Copy cocos2dx, CocosDenshion, extensions to iOS_Project/libs
6- Copy dir to iOS_Project folder.
7- Set cocos path pointing to the new location: COCOS2DX_ROOT=“$DIR/…/libs”
8- Build the project with ./
9- The following error came up:

/…/libs/cocos2dx/platform/third_party/android/prebuilt/libcurl/ Cannot find module with tag ‘external/Box2D’ in import path
Android NDK: Are you sure your NDK_MODULE_PATH variable is properly defined ?
Android NDK: The following directories were searched:
Android NDK:

10- I searched “external/Box2D” references on the project dir and is called from libs/extensions/ with other external dir references:

$(call import-module,external/Box2D)
$(call import-module,external/chipmunk)
$(call import-module,external/libwebsockets/android)

I need to change all the directories to make my project build?
I searched tutorials and other stuff and in none of them there is mention of this file.

I’m doing things right?

Many thanks.