Bug Report for CCListView boundary

Bug Report for CCListView boundary
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For All my test for all situation I found the CCListView bug below:

For iOS it just work find, because it just have two device size the scale.

For Android, it have the bug for the boundary for show the row.

The problem is set the design size for the android devices.

I design the ME860 for the apps default size. Show I want to adjust all the other size to be the size of ME860(540,922).

After I set:
view->setDesignResolutionSize(540, 922);

ME860 is work fine.

However I just test it on other devices:
Galaxy S2 (480,800)

The All UI for ME860 is work fine, but CCListView is out of the boundary when I drag the list up or down.

Please help to let me know, how can I fix the bug, or create the issues.


Maybe this can help :slight_smile: