Bug on 3D rotation in v3.0-beta?

Bug on 3D rotation in v3.0-beta?
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I found a strange problem in v3.0 beta, see the picture:

The texture is strange on 3D rotation.
It happens in every “flip” test of TestCpp/TransitionTest, and is also found in TestCpp/NodeTest/CameraOrbitTest.
I have no idea whether it is the new renderer’s bug or just my computer’s problem, but I haven’t found the problem in previous versions.
My project depends on 3D rotation. Can anyone tell me what should I do?:frowning:

Feedbacks of v3.0-beta

After analyzing the source code of v3.0-beta, I find that the new renderer uses CPU to do the transformation matrix multiplication, and the Sprite class uses a shader without this task (the shader name is end with NO_MVP).
It is different from previous version (e.g. 3.0-alpha1).
I don’t know whether it is a performance loss. However, I think this change is related to the texture bug which I declare at the top.


Thanks. It is already fixed in github. Try the “develop” branch.


i’ll advice against using 3.0 beta if your game uses a lot 3d rotation, until proper 3d rotation is added to the engine