Bug: CCTouchDispatcher's when adding a touch delegate during locked state, it's always added to list of targeted delegates

Bug: CCTouchDispatcher's when adding a touch delegate during locked state, it's always added to list of targeted delegates
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I’ve identified the following bug relating to the adding of standard touch delegates (CCStandardTouchDelegate) inside of a touchesBegan event. If this occurs during a touchesBegan event, the m_bLocked flag of CCTouchDispatcher is true. Thus, when CCTouchDispatcher::addStandardDelegate is called, the newly created TouchHandler is added to the m_pHandlersToAdd list. Then, when the existing touch handlers have finished processing, this array is iterated over to finish adding the deferred handlers to the correct lists.

However, this part of the code relies on the return value of CCTouchDelegate::getTouchDelegateType. This should be set to either ccTouchDelegateStandardBit or ccTouchDelegateTargetedBit as appropriate. However, both CCLayer and CCMenu implement CCTouchDelegate directly, which has its value of m_eTouchDelegateType set to ccTouchDeletateAllBit. But CCLayer directly calls CCTouchDispatcher::sharedDispatcher()->addStandardDelegate, while CCMenu calls CCTouchDispatcher::sharedDispatcher()->addTargetedDelegate. Thus, when CCTouchDispatcher::touches iterates over m_pHandlersToAdd, the result of pHandler->getDelegate()->getTouchDelegateType() & ccTouchDelegateTargetedBit is always true, and thus all handlers are added to m_pTargetedHandlers.

Finally, in my application this leads to a crash, as the TargetedHandlers list contains a StandardHandler, which is then cast to a TargetedHandler without any type checking. Then an attempt to access pHandler->getClaimedTouches() results in an exception.

I have fixed this in my code by forcing the value of m_eTouchDelegateType to the correct flag inside both CCStandardTouchHandler::initWithDelegate and CCTargetedTouchHandler::initWithDelegate. However, this is probably not ideal as this variable currently has no set accessor. Perhaps a more robust solution can be found.

Also, ccTouchDeletateAllBit should probably be renamed ccTouchDelegateAllBit :slight_smile:


Ha, this bug has been reported 3 times, #467. First by one of my cowork at 1 month ago, second report at http://www.cocos2d-x.org/boards/7/topics/1275?r=1278
It’s fixed on the edge version on github.


the typo is just fixed at https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/commit/6cc6dae11819cae31e0e8c528868861e96e3f24d
Thanks! I met this typo when I fixing #467, but miss it after then, haha, waste 1 hour to find out it and failed.


Guess I should’ve searched before posting, whoops :expressionless: