Box2D and Tests path

Box2D and Tests path
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On cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.10.0 path for Box2D in eclipse project is /home/xm/workspace/cocos2d-x/Box2D/Common
to compile on ubuntu I need to change this path

Similar change is needed on test project


I managed to overcome this, but even more errors popped up. I’m sick of this! I just keep repairing repairing and repairing stuff I shouldn’t! I’ve wanted to try C2DX since September and I only had working C2DX for 6 days! Even win32 doesn’t work! (cygwin doesn’t build, some undeclared gl calls, creating a new project in VS2010 now crashes it) I could have just learned Java and make the game in AndEngine! Why are there so many problems with C2DX? I know it’s a community project and I don’t help, but it’s been a year, one could finally run HelloWorld, don’t you think


@Dany Menko,
# I think your problem on win32 port, is to upgrade the driver of your video card. Try it, most gl crashes, PVRFrame erros are fixed in this situation.
# iOS, Android, win32 port is more stable than linux port. Start your project from win32 & iOS port is the best choice coz they have convenient IDE.
# We do continuous integration for ios/android/win32 port, and do smoke tests before version release. I’m very sure stable releases are reliable. So be patience, most compilation errors are caused by the environment installation. Cocos2d-x is not a one-click deployment game engine, you had to deal with the installation of many platforms.


Oh, it is a mistake of the path of eclipse for linux.
I don’t like to develop cocos2d-x with eclipse on linux. The settings are complex and are easy to make mistake.
I think peoples using linux will like to use vi or emacs.

So I think we should offer only makefile for linux. If you want to build for android, use
What’s your opinion?



  1. No that’s not the problem, it doesn’t build, not that it doesn’t crash. It doesn’t build with “undefined glXXXX” errors.
  2. Tried already…
  3. Maybe you should update the installation & first run tutorials because you must miss something. I do everything exactly as said and get Visual Studio crashes when adding project and build errors.
    Yes I stopped liking eclipse either. I’ve heard from the guys at #android-dev irc at that IntelliJ is much better then Eclipse for android java development. But as far as I’m aware of IntelliJ doesn’t support Android native development.

Also to answer your question. When it was all working, Eclipse was really useful. Ctrl+F11 and bam you’re right in your game. Click on a switch(and switch build config), ctrl+f11 again and in 15 seconds it was on your phone. Anything that would allow me to debug with the same ease is welcome. Especially if it’s working. I don’t like vi because it’s learning curve is too slow, but emacs looks nice. No wonder most Google developers use it. So if Emacs was working, and you supplied working build scripts I would be very happy. C2D-X is a beast… when it’s working, unfortunately for me, not seen very often.


I don’t familiar with vi or emacs, because I always work under windows. If you like linux so much, I think what I can to is to fix the problem of eclipse settings though I don’t like it on linux. #888 is created for it.


thank you so much :slight_smile:


I think that a makefile and emacs is a great option!