BlackBerry project gives SIGSEGV runtime error at glCreateProgram().

BlackBerry project gives SIGSEGV runtime error at glCreateProgram().
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I get the following SIGSEGV runtime error for all BlackBerry projects included in Cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.2. Does anyone else have the same issue?

TestCpp [BlackBerry Tablet OS C/C++ Application]  
    Thread [1]  (Suspended : Signal : SIGSEGV:Segmentation fault) 
      glCreateProgram() at 0xb859886d 
      cocos2d::CCGLProgram::initWithVertexShaderByteArray() at CCGLProgram.cpp:81 0x8221360 
      cocos2d::CCShaderCache::loadDefaultShader() at CCShaderCache.cpp:200 0x8220421  
      cocos2d::CCShaderCache::loadDefaultShaders() at CCShaderCache.cpp:88 0x821fc1f  
      cocos2d::CCShaderCache::init() at CCShaderCache.cpp:80 0x821fb78  
      cocos2d::CCShaderCache::sharedShaderCache() at CCShaderCache.cpp:52 0x821f7c5 
      cocos2d::CCSprite::initWithTexture() at CCSprite.cpp:188 0x8217a5d  
      cocos2d::CCSprite::initWithTexture() at CCSprite.cpp:233 0x8217ceb  
      cocos2d::CCSprite::init() at CCSprite.cpp:180 0x82179ed 
      cocos2d::CCLabelTTF::initWithString() at CCLabelTTF.cpp:140 0x82649f0 
      <...more frames...> 
    Thread [2]  (Suspended : Container) 
  TestCpp on sim pid 8204383 (9/2/12 6:22 AM) 


What’s your environment?
Simulator or device?


Hi Minggo,

I tested it on BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator v2.1.0. The NDK version is 2.1.0-beta1.
I followed wiki instructions and compilation worked without any error.
RIM’s Sample NDK apps work fine on my simulator. (