Beach Whale - 2D Action Game coming to iOS and Android

Beach Whale - 2D Action Game coming to iOS and Android
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Hey all,

I just wanted to show off my first cocos2dx game set for release on November, 26, 2012.

You play as whales, collecting fish, fighting off crabs, unlocking new worlds, upgrading your whales, and fighting off massive bosses.
You control your whale using the tilt mechanism to make it come into shore or go into the deep water.
Whales must ride waves and tides into shore, otherwise they risk getting stuck on the beach!
Whales, accessories, trophies, and powers may be unlocked by using fish, which can be collected in the levels.

Youtube Trailer:


  • Action oriented gameplay
  • Beautiful and detailed graphics
  • Simple tilt controls that are easy to use and just feel right
  • Play as six unique whales
  • Upgrade your whales with game changing powers
  • Dress up your whales in fancy accessories
  • Unlock treasures and awards

I’ll be releasing more information and hopefully an HD trailer soon.


It looks very cool.Waiting for it.