Artist looking for Programmer for Collab on a project

Artist looking for Programmer for Collab on a project
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Hey Community,

I am an artist who had an idea to mix bingo and peggle. I made some art work to mock up to show you and just wondering if there were any programmers who had interest in making it a real thing. Potential could be unlimited.

The idea behind the game basically is that players can come to the room, buy their bingo cards and then they can get in line and take a shot, hitting pegs (which add to the jackpot) and then having the ball land in a random number at the bottom, one of which hopefully they have.

The game utilizes a 30 number system and for that reason the bingo has to be achieved by a cover all.

If this is something you’d like to more about, feel free to contact me either on the forums or through a private message.

Thank you for the consideration.


Hello, Joe.

I am interested in collab. I haven’t found any of your contact information so please mail me

Regards, Denis.


Hi Joe,

Mabe we both can come together?
I am currently working on a slot game and maybe you have some graphics for it?
If we come in a closer contact I will give you some more Information about it too.

Kindly regards


Hey Peter,

Sure hit me up at my email,


Hello Joe,
Interesting idea.
We will be glad to cooperate with you!
You can check samples of our projects
Let’s discuss details (

Best regards.