applicationDidEnterBackground not being called?

applicationDidEnterBackground not being called?
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I am attempting to make some “pause” calls from the applicationDidEnterBackground when a user backgrounds the app, or a txt/phone call comes in. However it doesnt seem to ever be called. My base sdk is 4.3 and my dev target is 4.1. Suggestions?


Oh, so sorry, I find the bug.
It’s done in yourGame/ios/, and doesn’t call into Classes/AppDelegate.cpp
Please move the “pause” calls into
I will discuss this bug tomorrow, maybe the xcode template should be updated.


Thank you sir! That works.

I think I found another bug in the font handler. I will make a separate post about it in a moment.


Bug #667 created for this useless applicationDidEnterBackground. Prevent me from forget it tomorrow :slight_smile:



You forgot to do it! Look at this