Apple LLVM 5.0 Error

Apple LLVM 5.0 Error
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I develop mainly for other platforms (windows, linux, etc.) so I always have trouble getting cocos2d-x projects to work in xcode but now I can’t seem to get anything to build.

I made a fresh project with the project-creator, I open the xcode project for ios and try to build. It fails immediately while trying to build cocos2d with the error

Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 254

I deleted the derived folder as I read online and did a clean build, but it made no difference. I deleted and re-installed xcode, that didn’t help either.

Can someone please explain to me in very simple terms exactly what steps I need to take to get a project to compile. I have a fresh xcode setup, so are there any changes I have to make in the settings? Like I said, this is not my main development environment and know very little about apple development.

Using the latest versions of osx (10.8.5) and xcode (5.0.2) and cocos2d-x-2.2.1.



I figured out the problem. I was opening the project from a shared folder on windows and I guess the path name was causing the error. Once I moved the folder onto the mac the issue went away. I guess I will just use git and checkout a copy to work on when I’m building for apple.