APP_STL := stlport_static make app crash

APP_STL := stlport_static make app crash
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When I build any application with option APP_STL := stlport_static in my application crash when I touch display.
This happends in “Test” and “HelloWorld” too. Everything work fine only if I build with option APP_STL := gnustl_static.
Then why option APP_STL := stlport_static set in template of android project?

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I have the same problem (I used stlport_static), after upgrade to cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.11.0.

Problem was in dynamic_cast, which is havilly used in new version.

After change to gnustl_static it works fine.


got the same problem here…
but gnustl_static seems to have some license problem… :frowning:


I got the same problem…

Can I use stlport_static ?


I got the same probl:( em…

#6 is being refactored in these days, it will be much better in next stable version.