Anybody want to organize a team to port WebOs?

Anybody want to organize a team to port WebOs?
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Hi all. An idea to make a port on the WebOs. Anybody want to join?


Is it worth doing it?
Are there any devices use WebOS?


Hp Touchpad - the second most popular in America after the iPad. I think to do the port.


I would also like to see WebOS port and can also contibute towards this.


I think we can use Webos internal WIDK and then try to compile Linux version for WebOS.


Ok. How can we organize this?


I think we need some folks for doing this specially some with cross platform compilation.
I have good programming experience but new to cocos2d.We need folks with some experice in compiling cocos2d-x.

Any one with experince in compiling cocos2d-x wants to contibute for porting cocos2d-x to WebOS.


Is there any guide for porting cocos2d-x to new platform ?.


I think no such instruction. Can anyone tell where to start port?


So i downloaded WebOS SDK (which also include PDK) and tried to compile cocos2d-x using libraries and include file from PDK.
I am getting linking error for libxml2 library.Can someone port libxml2 library for WebOS or can we build Cocos2d-x without libxml2 support ?.

Also after compilation/linking is done,then need to implement platform folder files which should be easy because WebOS support SDL.

Now,someone can help for libxml ?…after this close to complete cocos2d-x port for WebOS.


You made it a little bit earlier =)) I saw somewhere compiled libxml2 for WebOs. But not sure. Let’s try to find it?


Minimal porting is done and i can run some test sample through it.I am busy this week but plan to post the port so that others can also contribute.


Is there any progress on porting it? Can you lay out what is already there, I will continue.


Cocos2d and physics engine are ported to WebOS.I am able to run “tests” and most of them are working.
If you can start looking to port CocosDenshion,would be grt.

I will post the port in next 2 days.


i am not able to attach the file with port,always getting server error.

Let me know how to post the port.


Can you send me it on email? vint.izmail [at]


sent you email with Cocos2d folder for WebOS.Can you please try to compile and let me know for any errors.


We ported it. but some problems remain with the port. Someone wants to help with this?


I don’t know how much time I’d be able to devote to it, but I am very interested in a WebOS port, so I’d be willing to take a look at what needs to be done and see if I can help. Is there a fork for the project on Github, or somewhere else that we can download it from?


If we’re talking about new platforms I’d be more interested in a PS Vita port with Javascript bindings.