Animation parts missing issue

Animation parts missing issue
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If i running on device … have some trouble

u can see attached file.

so what’s the main reason of this happening?

Android version? OpenGL Version? or… CocoStudio bug?

My cocos2d-x version is 2.2 and cocostudio version

Please somebody helps me… T_T

Shot1.png (519.6 KB)

Shot1.png (519.6 KB)

Source.png (39.6 KB)


The problem is solved…
if CCSpriteFrameCacheHelper class’s CCTextureAtlas capacity set to large number than loading sprite parts count.
but … i can’t understand why?

is anyone there teach me the reason?

CCTextureAtlas *CCSpriteFrameCacheHelper::getTexureAtlasWithTexture(CCTexture2D *texture)
int key = texture->getName();
CCTextureAtlas *atlas = (CCTextureAtlas *)m_pTextureAtlasDic->objectForKey(key);
if (atlas == NULL)
//atlas = CCTextureAtlas::createWithTexture(texture, 4);
atlas = CCTextureAtlas::createWithTexture(texture, 64);
m_pTextureAtlasDic->setObject(atlas, key);
return atlas;