Android IMGSRV: PVRSRVEventObjectWait Timeout!

Android IMGSRV: PVRSRVEventObjectWait Timeout!
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I was building my app for Android to release, but on device when application is going to background I get error and crash with endless:

08-31 12:10:38.710: E/IMGSRV(21266): PVRSRVEventObjectWait Timeout!

I am using cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.12.0, NDK r7b and some CCRenderTexture in code. What could it be?



when it is happening I have several CCLayers that are not attached to a running Scene, they are waiting to be addChild’ed.
If I addChild() all these CCLayers at once to a current CCLayer app won’t crashing (but it is a mess on the screen)