Android Debugging help!


Hi all. So like most, I’m new to android … I apologize for that :slight_smile:

But to get straight to my issue. I have an existing cocos2dx project (a friend’s project I’m helping out with). This project already runs on Android. I have gone through all the steps to setup up Eclipse, etc., I can build and deploy no problems.

Now, my task is to use JNI to interface some systems between java and native C. So I researched that, wrote some code that seems like it should work, and am trying to test it. Only, when the c*+ code calls the java code, it crashes. So naturally I think, oh this will be easy, let me just fire up the debugger and see what’s happening; but apparently it’s not that easy. I’ve been digging through miles of forum posts, articles, and configurations trying to figure out how to do this, and I can’t. Before I post the dozen or so different approaches I’ve been through on this issue, is there a “right” way that someone knows to make this work?
I’ve got all the c*+ extensions I need (I think) in eclipse, I’ve set up the c++ configurations, I’ve even gone so far as to compile the app completely in eclipse (which is where I’m at now with some path problems). So if there’s a real way to do this, please help!

FWIW on my system specs: I’m working in windows xp using cygwin and the latest nkd (r8d as of the time of this writing).

  1. You could use the logcat. Plug in your device and open up the CMD or the Terminal and run logcat (type in “adb logcat”).
  2. Use the ndk-stack. It’s located in the Android NDK in your machine. under the folder “tools”. Read the red me to know how to use it.