adding scroll view like tiny tower

adding scroll view like tiny tower
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Hi, I’m new to the cocos2d-x and forum here.

I would like to add a scrolling effect as in tiny tower.
However I’m confused because I don’t see a way to use UIScrollView from one of my c++(cocos2dx layer) class.

I see cocos2d people can include scroll view as in this sample

How would I do that in cocos2d-x?
(actually I don’t want to scroll menu items, I want to scroll continuous(not paginated) ability just like in tiny-tower)


Try to use a CCListView from cocos2d-x 2.0. For example of usage please refer a CCTextureWatcher class


Thanks Nikolay.
I’ve edited my post slightly. (CCListView seems to be related to paginated scrolls)…
Can you re-read my post please?


Ok. For now there is no standard solution in cocos2dx for create a scrollview, but you can refer this thread for solution. You can modify logic of the scrolling from CCScrollView to fit your needs