About new Physics on cocos2d-x3.0

About new Physics on cocos2d-x3.0
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I’m happy I can use the new cocos2d-x to develop my new game.
My game may use some physics, so I use the box2d at first. It works well, but too trouble. Today, I found 3.0 already have this. So I change my code. And here is the problem:
In box2d, I can use Fixture to define not only one shape to a body, how can I do this by using cocos2d-x3.0?



Referring to cocos2d-x 3.0 comparing to box2d, I guess you mean the chipmunk physics engine, which is integrated in cocos2d-x.

There is nothing like fixtures in chipmunk, however you can still build bodys with many shapes as you want. As starting point, I recommend following article:



Fine, clear