About examples on xcode

About examples on xcode
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Hi everyone,
I just started learn cocos2d-x and try to find examples of the games.
On that site I find examples only on xcode. But if I have Visual studio, what can I do? How to start? Thank you.


You should have a VS2008, 2010 and 2012 sln in the cocos2dx folder.
Open whichever matches your VS version.
It will open a number of projects including the cocos2dx code and either Hello or Test.

You should be able to run this solution.

You can then add your own project to the list, copying the example project.win folder to add the win specific files.

The code you write and where you write it should be the same wether using xcode, eclipse or VS.

I have my project running in all 3 and can make changes in any and it will work in the other projects.
The only thing you might have to do for each project is add any new classes.


Thank you Adam.
Can you give me a tip how can I open that project in VS?

I tried but can’t find project file for VS. Thank you.


I think I just copied an existing project (in the cocos2dx samples folder) and renamed it.
You can then add your folders (classes, resources etc).


Thank you Adam.
So I must copy all files from that project to my existing project?


only the vs proj file and proj.win32.

you will then be able to add the resources and classes folders.


but it haven’t vs proj file and proj.win32. or I can’t see it.


You should have something like this in your cocos2dx folder.

you can copy the files to your project.