about cocosbuilder

about cocosbuilder
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I am trying to use ccbreader to accelerate my coding.
I write this code:

/* Create an autorelease CCBReader. /
ccbReader = new cocos2d::extension::CCBReader;
/* Read a ccbi file. /
node = ccbReader~~>readNodeGraphFromFile(“ccb2/HelloCocosBuilder.ccbi”, this);


but I get a problem: when the “HelloCocosBuilder.ccbi” is copy from example in directory TestCpp,everything OK.But when I using my “HelloCocosBuilder.ccbi”, HelloCocosBuilderLayerLoader will be replace by CCNodeLoader in function CCNode * CCBReader::readNodeGraph, and I found that using example’s ccbi, the variable “className” in function CCNode * CCBReader::readNodeGraph is “HelloCocosBuilderLayer”,and if I using my ccbi,the variable is “CCLayer” and I don’t know what is wrong.
I will be appreciate if anyone give me a suggest.