A suggestion on hello world project(s)

A suggestion on hello world project(s)
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I am new to cocos2D and just download cocos2D-X today.
First view, I am little surprised that the hello world source code in win32 project is much difference from other.
Then I tried to copy most code from iPhone project to win32, replace the same part, the code runs well.

I suggest to change the hello world on win32 to same as others to avoid the confusion.

And I would like to put all source code of hello world to a seperated folder on the same level as all projects, on each projects, reference to this folder for .h and.cpp. It will make all change on the source code to be available for all projects at same time. This is the value of cocos2D-x, I think.


You’re right! I strongly approve your opinion!
I am planing to merge the HelloWorld directories of different platform to one, just like the structure of tests diretory.
And the template is out of use, I would like to paste the fullscreen cocos2d logo in template, instead of “HelloWorld” label; then rename “template” to “HelloWorld”, and make multi-platform makefile/projects in it.

I created a issue here #222 It will be done in this week :slight_smile:


#222 is resolved yesterday, HelloWorld.iphone/win32/uphone is merged into one directory, using same game logic codes in “Classes” directory.
THe HelloWorld.android isn’t merged yet


well, this issue is fixed now. You can see HelloWorld with multi-platform integrated in one directory :slight_smile:


Got it. It is really what I need.