a big bug in 2.1.1

a big bug in 2.1.1
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the method setContentSize has a lot of problem. For exampble, sp->setContentSize(…);sp->setPosition(…); then the position is wrong. And the method also change boundBox, which it shouldn’t.


For me it works good.


On what object and with what calls?

When I was new with CC2D-x I totally misunderstood what Content Size even was, and I thought there were bugs too.

What are you trying to achieve and why do you think ‘setContentSize(…)’ is the correct method to use?


@corytrese setContentSize is to set the size of a sprite without changing the size of the picture of the sprite.I use this method to keep the contentSize same to the size of the picture after i scaling it. for example, in HelloWorld, if u use setContentSize of the pSprite(“HelloWorld.png”),the position of pSprite would change.


This is normal see anchor point. Fo CCSprite default is (0.5,0.5) sp ypur position is always center of the sprite so when you change content size position changes too. If you want change size (size on screen what you see) you should only change scale of the CCSprite. Also you can change anchor point.


@gelldur It’s useless to change the anchor point after seting content size