Which API should I use?

Which API should I use?
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@smitpatel88 Which API should I compile using?

For example:
cocos compile -p android --ap android-"??"

PS: I’ve previously compiled my app with API 26. Is this the reason why the crash on the Galaxy S4?


26, use same as targetSdk
@erenarat pls delete obj folder, sometimes it fix crash issue.


OK I delete obj folder. I am trying now. :slight_smile:


@smitpatel88 We dit it! Thanks for everything. My app is running smoothly on the Galaxy S4!

PS: Will also work on a “Android 4.0.3 (API 15) device”?


Great. Welcome.

I dont have device but it should work.
But personally i dont care for less than Android 4.2


I’m still interested in the error message in the logcat (which is now sadly gone), because now we will never know what of your steps really fixed it.


I am using Atom Editor. I do not know how to access the error code found in logcat.


With the command line tool adb. It’s described here and will help a lot, if run into errors in the future while developing.