UnsatisfiedLinkError on Released Game

Here is a bug with SDKBox-core, different architectures in different schema folders:

armeabi in armeabi-v7a
armeabi-v7a in armeabi


if you do not want to update whole plugin, you can download http://download.sdkbox.com/installer/v1/sdkbox-adcolony_v2.4.2.0.tar.gz, then replace the project android/jni/sdkbox folder with `sdkbox-adcolony_v2.4.2.0/plugin/android/jni/sdkbox/ .


2018.11.30 UPDATE:
or switch the armeabi and armeabi-v7a folder.

Hi yinjimmy,

I have upgraded SDKBox to the latest versions (v2.4.2.0). Unfortunatelly the problem is still remains


I hope the issue will be found soon. Thanks

How did you confirm that this crash is in version ?
Did the players update your game ?

yep, i have this bug too with, but i forgot to init crashlytics before SDKBOX =) Crashlytics logs will be with next release, but i’m not sure they will help

Yes, players keep updating. GooglePlay console can filter real-time crashes by release version. And latest game release that built with latest SDKBox still has that bug

Do you add isTaskRoot checking like the sample here https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/blob/v3/templates/cpp-template-default/proj.android/app/src/org/cocos2dx/cpp/AppActivity.java

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yes, we have this

SDKBox.init is in super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);

and we should put super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); after that checking?

could you plz try it?

ok, we will try

Thank you very much. I have a fixed PluginIAP.jar.zip (19.6 KB)
jar for https://discuss.cocos2d-x.org/t/sdkbox-facebook-sigabrt-after-logpurchase-on-android/44763/12?u=yinjimmy .

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we tried, it’s leads to Fatal Exception: android.util.SuperNotCalledException

by the way now we have this bug caughted by crashlytics. What we should to do next?

Plz check Cocos2dxActivity.java, is there some SDKBox code ?

Feel free to contact me. My Skype id: live:jimmy.yin5 .

BTW: whats link of your game on Google Play ?

i add a fix for sdkbox native init crash.

you can have a try, if you have time.

sdkbox.jar.zip (98.5 KB)

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@OrangeDog @angelvet @formatCvt

plz update your sdkbox.jar

This bugfix will be release with version (2018.12.14).

Blaming words can’t help improve software quality

Thanks @enrevol .


You may need to handle onDestroy (and maybe onPause, onStop…) as well to make sure that SDKBox.onDestroy() must not be called in wrong activity.

yes, SDKBox handle

  • onCreate
  • onActivityResult
  • onStart
  • onStop
  • onResume
  • onPause
  • onBackPressed

@yinjimmy, I have updated sdkbox.jar. SDKBox crash rate is drastically reduced. I have seen only several java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError crashes from only one user in last 24 hours.

His device is A3-A40 (acer_jetfirefhd), Android 6.0