SDKBOX Facebook setup link broken

SDKBOX Facebook setup link broken

Hi, can someone from sdkbox please fix the broken help link?

It actually doesn’t exist any more. I’ll ask the SDKBOX team to have it removed.

@slackmoehrle do you know where we can find the information below so we can properly setup SDKBox to work with FB? Thanks!

@yinjimmy do you have anything?

@vkreal2 what troubles are you having?


We want to properly setup FB services with SDKBOX as mentioned below.

the doc has been updated, thanks.

@yinjimmy @slackmoehrle the link still doesn’t work.

plz replace three framework



output message:

##FB isLogin: yes, msg: success

@yinjimmy I am not sure why you’re asking us to replace the three framework. We just want the link in the doc to work again so we can have guidelines properly integrate FB with SDKBox.

If SDKBox is not supported anymore that’s fine we will move on.

plz follow to setup.

the moved to

sorry for the wrong answer.

@yinjimmy Thank you!

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