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Hi :face_with_peeking_eye: :face_with_peeking_eye: :face_with_peeking_eye:

Just saying hi I guess

Hello there

Hi… HI! :smiley:

Nice to be here on the cocos forum!


Hi Cocos!

Hi there

Hi, I’m new to cocos2dx

I am interested in gaining a deep awareness of Cocos Creator… :wink:

:wave: I am newbie. this is my first message here.
I want to learn how to work with changing pixel colors and their movement and transparency. I was looking on the forum for information on how to get an array of pixel colors from a picture located in resource/example.png. I found some methods on this topic: new ImageData() and readPixels(), but I didn’t understand how to use them.

can anyone tell me how to get an array of pixel colors from resource/example.png and modify it from spiteFrame and then write it to spiteFrame? Is this the right approach to overwriting pixel colors?

Hello, my name is Joe and I work for Discord making games for their “Activity” feature. Nice to meetcha.

Hey Y’all! :grinning:
I’m new to Cocos Creator although I used to use Cocos2d-iPhone a lot back in 2010 - 2012. Trying to get back into gaming.
Quick question in case someone feel like or can answer:
I am making some test games in cocos creator 3.8 using a JS audio library that uses Web Audio API the library is called Tone.js. My question is would something like this run on native platforms at all? my guess is no and I’d have to use native audio libraries but I’m not entirely clear on that. Any one have any ideas?


hi, thanks for the guidance


May I seek a solution to this topic?

Hi guy, i’m a new user, I hope to receive help from everyone.

May I seek a solution to this topic?