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Hello. Hobbyist (with dreams…) programmer using Cocos Creator for first time in order to eventually leave Unity in favor of Cocos but I am already facing my very first issue with Cocos while implementing the playfab-sdk from npm in my project. Any guide/tutorial on working with Cocos Creators and PlayFab?


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hi, nice to see you.

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Hi! Glad to join the community

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Hi, learning cocos creator. glad to be apart of this community.

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Hello everyone!

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Hi everyone, what would you suggest? Playcanvas or cocos and why?

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Всем привет! Я тут новичок) Вдруг тут есть ребята из России :slight_smile:
Hi! I’m new here. What if there are guys from Russia here?

Great, tnx for information

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Hi there, I’m a developer still using Creator v2.2 from China :slight_smile:

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Hi, a Cocos rookie is here.

Hello cocos, :upside_down_face:

Hi there,

joining the community

I’ve also joined Cocos :heart_eyes:

Hi! I’m new to cocos2d-x and I’m very excited to start coding for the framework. I’m posting here because my very first attempts were unsuccessful, I didn’t get to compile a single default hello word app, so if you get me some help that would be nice.

I downloaded the last version of cocos2d-x and also the last version of Visual Studio (2022) for Windows.
I made the and made the command “cocos new” with languaje cpp.
I finally opened the proj.win32\MyGame.sln file with Visual Studio with all c++ related options checked, and attempted to compile. But after a lot of minutes of console compilation output it was stated that lot of errors were found, and the overall process was failed.

My question is how is it possible to not compile a default project? And if someone cas explain to me what did I miss or how to deal with a simple default project, I wolud be very thankfull.


Hi everyone!

Hi, I am enjoying working with Cocos.
Moving files to different folders always break references in the scene though - any tips how to fix this?
(both moving manually outside of editor and in the editor)

Hi everyone,
recently starting working with cocos 3.17 and 4.0

Hi i am here, start at cocos 3.17

Yes.I want to see you more.