NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

Cocos creator supports compiling to Windows with .exe and some couple of .dll files, it supports .apk compiling, you won’t have trouble on that part M8, cheers!

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Cocos Creator have potential to turn real big here in west, but they REALLY need to focus in improving documentation right now.
There is many commands and features not yep explained anywhere, and you have to be lucky to find then in the examples.

i don’t know where i should post this or send so i’m just commenting if there isn’t a discord server for cocos i think it would be awesome to do it. people would help eachother and chat or whatever i would like to join it and talk with others.

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We are running Discourse on these very forums. I’m not sure what you mean. not discourse

Ha ok

I will participate!

It would be really awesome to have this community on Discord as well! Would be so easy to ask and help people very quickly!

I use Discord daily for business and I can help with anything you need regarding it.

Why do we need a new tool, if this forum and IRC is working very well? I can’t understand, that I have to use a new tool, which was created for gamers and not developers.

We use slack in my company, so why don’t we use that? You get the point?

Slack/Discord/Anything with real time chat. I did not even know that Cocos had an IRC channel. Where can it be found? and scroll down to the end of the readme :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile: Visited the IRC channel. Doesn’t seem to be that many people online. Maybe a Slack/Discord channel could get more people interested in building an active real time chat community :slight_smile:

The problem is, that most of the users don’t know about that. They are like you. If it would be more advertised, it will be more used. And IRC can be used on more platforms. :wink:

IRC was the old Tinder LOL
Discord or Slack would be nice for quick questions.

Because IRC is old, it’s not bad, and new doesn’t mean, that it’s better by default. I even used the FidoNet, but I understand your point. Younger devs want to use the newest sh*t, because it’s new…

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I used IRC a lot of years ago. Discord and slack are easier to use. You dont have to download an irc client (usually with a hard UIX), configure it, configure the server, create an account using commands with some random irc bot, etc etc.

Now, I can give you a link to a discord channel and in one click you will be there with voip included. Easy interface, fast account creation, etc.

Its not better, its more casual difficulty. But I understand what you mean :wink:


I visited the Cocos IRC. It was very quiet. I think it we would start a Cocos Discord server it would probably be more active pretty fast.

I now created an unofficial Cocos Discord Server:

Feel free to join! I’m more than happy to give out admin rights to active people and even give up the whole server with all rights for Cocos Staff if you want to make it an official communication channel.

Our IRC channel is not very active. It was more Ricardo’s thing when he was around.

I’ll participate in your channel. I assume that are iOS and Android apps we can can participate from mobile devices.


Yes, Discord is available for pretty much any platform and OS! Wonderful to hear, thank you for everything!

there is already a discord channel for cocos2d-x with around 20 users

There is? Let’s use one server for everything Cocos related. Could you send invites for that channel?